Monday, 26 January 2015

A harrowing and inspiring read

Some stories have a power that resides in the story itself, regardless of the artistry with which it happens to be told.  This is one such: a story that opens our eyes and hearts and broadens our minds.

In an unsensational, matter-of-fact way, Dr Lo-Bamijoko describes the burdens carried by four different women born and raised according to Igbo tradition and culture to be subservient to and abused by men.  In places their suffering is harrowing, and one is consumed by rage at the ignorance and arrogance of the men they have to deal with and at the terrible inequalities endemic in their society.  At the same time one is inspired by their intelligence, resilience, capacity for endurance, patience, fortitude…  Being so much brighter than the men they have been forced to deal helps a lot as well.

One can only hope that this book will be widely read in Nigeria as well as everywhere else, by men as well as women: that it might play its part in making man’s ‘inhumanity’ to woman a distant memory of our unenlightened past.

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